A quick guide to Stress-Free Sightseeing with kids

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A little planning will go a long way, as well as BubbleBum can help!Whether local or overseas, sightseeing can be one of the greatest pleasures of any type of trip. Sightseeing with little kids? Not unless you’re prepared! read on for tips on how to get ready for a trip that the whole family will remember.Preparing For the TripHalf the battle in ensuring a fun trip is the planning. A lot of the stress that you might encounter can be avoided, if you’ve taken the time to plan. It’s not necessary to have a minute by minute itinerary in place, however you do need to have some sort of strategy to ensure that you’re covered for contingencies as well as ‘emergencies’. understand that ‘emergencies’, when you’re dealing with little kids, can be everything from a lost stuffed bear to a hunger meltdown to an actual medical emergency. like the Scouts say, it’s best to be ‘be prepared’.Have a plan B for most outings. figure out what you will do if the weather isn’t cooperating for the outdoor hike that you had planned. What if someone in the group gets sick? how will you offer with that? as well as be realistic in your planning. A four year old is not going to happily skip along in the Louvre museum for six hours. فقط لا يحدث. If it’s your biggest dream to check out Graceland as well as pay quiet homage to the King, you might want to plan a side trip while grandma stays with the kids at the hotel pool.One way to get a little more buy-in from the kids is, assuming they’re old enough, involve them in the planning of the trip. Looking over maps, reviewing tour guides, checking out locations on the internet: these are all interactive ways to get them to see your trip as an adventure! let them pick out some of the sights that you will be seeing. It’s a good lesson in cooperation.Essential EquipmentHowever you are travelling to get to your destination, sightseeing usually involves some sort of motor vehicle: a private vehicle or a group bus. Whichever you opt for, having the right equipment with you is essential.Snacks, drinks as well as distractions are important. A bag of juice boxes, healthy snacks as well as a few toys from the dollar store to be handed out at well timed intervals can make any type of trip a little easier. as well as don’t feel poor about giving in to tech, when the coloring books get boring. A movie on the tablet will give everyone the ‘time out’ they need.Timing is EverythingPulling into a national park to see a gueyser an hour before dinner time? ربما لا. The optimal situation is to try as well as time your check outs to sights when the kids are relatively well rested as well as in a good mood. Dragging a cranky, overtired, hungry kid anywhere is not anyone’s idea of a good time.And if you need to drive some distance to get to various places, as well as your kids are still nappers, coordinating the driving with nap time will help give everyone a little peace. Make sure to pack something they like to sleep with to motivate the nap!See the Sights in small ChunksKids have a limited interest span, particularly if they’re not really interested in whatever it is you are going to see. An overpacked itinerary will stress everyone out. break up the day with different activities so that it doesn’t feel like one long slog through three different museums. add in a little shopping trip at a candy store, or lunch at a fun restaurant instead of trying to rush through every sight.And when all else fails, a little bribery might be the order of the day. Incentivize good habits by reminding the kids that being patient throughout the day will win them an extra thirty minutes at the pool, at the end of the afternoon.Give the kids a role to PlayWith older kids, you can ask them to be the official trip photographers. point as well as shoot cameras are relatively economical these days as well as can provide ample opportunity for the kids to file their trip, to share with their pals or classmates when they get home.Another idea is to designate them as the official map readers, even if the GPS is really doing most of the work. kids love to be in charge, even if it’s only in their own minds!Roll With ItIn the end, if you are calm as well as collected, the kids will be calmer too. The trip is supposed to be fun, not a military exercise, so be prepared to roll with the punches as weLL كما تعديل خططك. إذا لم ينجح موقع معين لأن الجميع متعب أم جائع؟ حان الوقت للمغادرة وكذلك الذهاب للعب في حديقة لفترة من الوقت. وكذلك تذكر أن تستمتع! أنت تصنع ذكريات تدوم مدى الحياة. أدوات قليلة لجعل الرحلات أسهل. إن مقعد الداعم القابل للنفخ في الفقاعات هو الأمثل لهذه الرحلات: يمكنك إحضارها دون أن تشغل مساحة كبيرة إذا كنت تطير إلى وجهتك وكذلك أطفالك تتراوح أعمارهم بين 4 و 11 عامًا لا تزال آمنة في السيارة. حتى ركوب سيارة الأجرة أكثر أمانًا مع مقعد التضخم السريع ، بحيث بغض النظر عن مكان وجودك في العالم ، فإن سلامة طفلك في السيارة شيء يمكنك التحقق منه. الفائز بجوائز متعددة بالإضافة إلى مرتبة الشرف بما في ذلك جائزة IIHS Best Option Award 6 سنوات على التوالي ، Nappa وكذلك الكثير. يتم تقديمه باللون الوردي أو الأسود ، مقابل 29.9 دولارًا.

احصل على مدمن من Bubblebum لعقد كل الأشياء الجيدة وكذلك الوجبات الخفيفة في مكانها. كل هذا في منظم واحد في السيارة وكذلك محطة النشاط للأطفال يمكن أن يرجع إلى خلفية الملل إلى شيء من الماضي. يأتي بشكل كامل مع مقصورة معزولة للحفاظ على المشروبات باردة ، حاملو أكواب ، حامل تقني لـ “وقت الفيلم” بالإضافة إلى المزيد.

5 طرق ذات صلة تساعد الهزات الأمهات المحمومة خلال العطلات

تعتبر وسادة سفر Sneck من Bubblebum رائعة بالنسبة للطائرة أو في سيارة ، مع أحزمة الفيلكرو لتوصيلها بمسند رأس بالإضافة إلى حشو مريح للبطانة الدقيقة التي تجعل الغفوة الجيدة ممكنة ، بدون رقبة مغلقة في النهاية! يتيح جيب المخبأ للأطفال تخزين مشغلات MP3 أو ألعاب صغيرة. يتيح نمط Way Three للأطفال معالجة موقف الراحة المثلى. لمزيد من المعلومات أو شراء هذه المنتجات ، تحقق من

Grainne Kelly هو خبير عائلي في السفر والترفيه ، وفني سلامة الركاب للأطفال ، بالإضافة إلى وكيل سفر سابق أحدث ثورة في صناعة السفر للأطفال من خلال اختراع Bubblebum: أول مقعد معزز قابل للنفخ في العالم يزن أقل من رطل واحد وكذلك يمكن أن يفرغ فيه دقائق ، مما يجعل من السهل رمي حقيبة ظهر أو محفظة.

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