Fitness Friday #BlogHop #LinkUp – My personal physical fitness goal reached

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This publish is going to be a bit personal.  normally I compose academic articles sharing my health and wellness as well as physical fitness ideas however today I am going to compose about a goal that I believed I would never reach. In March of 2013 I started running for the very first time.  Back then I only ran about a mile each time as well as my speed was approximately 15-16 minutes.  I blamed my sluggish speed on my short legs.  I made a decision I was getting a great work out as well as that was satisfying.  Back then I tried to run about 2-3 times a week.  often the chilly as well as windy Spokane weather condition or my husband’s hectic work routine prevented me from running as frequently as I would have liked.By June my oldest child was out of institution for the year as well as might babysit her siblings while I went out for a run.  I added one more half mile to my program as well as downloaded the app MapMyRun on my phone.  I likewise boosted my speed to a 13 minute mile.I stopped running in October when the weather condition out right here begins to get chilly as well as the snow falls.  This year it started to warm up in April.  I continued with my 1 1/2 mile program in my community about 2-3 times a week. My hubby does not like to run since he can’t stand having sore legs.  often we choose long walks together as well as we have a preferred walking route.  Spokane is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains so we are surrounded by hills as well as inclines.  Our preferred walking path is about 2 1/2 miles up a extremely steep hill as well as then back down to where we live.  often I will put my youngest in the stroller as well as walk up that hill without my husband.  Each time I do this I always think, “Someday I am going to run this.”On Monday I did.

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